Je viens d'envoyer ça à @Leonore, je crois que j'ai gagné le meme game.

Les lesbiennes cis partantes pour un plan cul quand elles apprennent que t'es trans.

Moi : Ça va mal aller cette histoire.
Les gens : *regardent ailleurs*
Cette histoire : *tourne mal*
Les gens :

Identity politics and enby politics are inherently essentialists because they believe that there exist a way of defining what a man is and what a woman is (to place yourself on or out of a spectrum you need to define it. And to define a spectrum you need to define both its ends)

The idea that such universal definitions can emerge by asking for how people feel in their inner self is reinforcing sexism and imperialism.

"I feel like a man" and "I feel like a woman" have literally zero meaning because nobody in the world knows what it is to *feel* like a gender outside of society and every one put something different behind that feeling.

Gender is not something you feel, gender is something others do to you. And it does not stop when you're alone because you see yourself with the eye what you took from society.

As for me...

Tu te fais aggresser par des connards dans la rue et après tu dois subir des connards sur internet.

Les mecs cis sont vraiment les dernières des ordures.

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