You all know which allow us to tag our toots and group them on a search page.

I propose that we start using %hashtags as negative hashtags for when we need to express our internal negativity.

They're not searchable like normal hashtags and with this simple filter : (^|\W)%\w+ people who don't want to see negativity on their timeline because it makes them feel bad can easily hide it.

That's what I'll be using from now on.

@Alda Isn't stuff like this exactly why we have tws and readmores.. you can just tag as neg..

@Pasty Seeing the « neg » CW sometimes makes people go negative too. And then you get a negativestorm on your TL.

Since « neg » cannot be easily filtered, I just push for the use of %neg (or %whateveryoulikereally) instead.

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