If you want to join matrix but do not want to go on matrix.org (and you should go there, it's overcrowded) you can find a list of alternative servers here : hello-matrix.net/public_server

I like feneas.org (nice domain name), chat.weho.st (established non-profit service provider), tedomum.net (french established non-profit service provider)

And of course there is mental.af which has the best domain name of all (that's where I am)

Fun fact : I recently switched from matrix.org to mental.af without losing any conversation history.

The process was a bit tedious (it consists mostly in typing the same commands over and over in each room) and took me ~45 min but it's really not complicated.

@Alda I didn't know that it is possible to migrate from one homeserver to another with all your conversations. Is there any documentation available?

@bjoern @Alda I didnt know this was possible either. Heard they have nomadic identity planned, but expect it'll be a long time until it lands.

@Alda fyi there's a migration tool that does pretty much the same thing but in a more automated way here: modular.im/tools/matrix-migrat :)

@Alda Look, not to be "that girl" but What is the Matrix?

@alice Matrix is a secure and decentralized protocol [mainly] designed for instant messaging.

Like Mastodon for Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and stuff.

I don't think weho.st wants new users at the moment...

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