Stop giving your communications to governments and corporations pleaaaase 😭

(Yeah I'm looking at you people who are collectively organizing on Discord.)

I'm not trashing here. I'm really begging and I'm willing to help anyone who's looking for alternatives.

@Alda +1. I want to help too, if I can. On the tech part mainly.

im part of a fundraiser with a strong anticapitalist bent and its being organized on discord for convenience. maybe if I can give the head organizer better examples of software we can move it over. any ideas?

@Courgette @Alda
/also/ we're using Google forms + spreadsheets which is extra skeevy so if you have alternatives for those too that'd be helpful

@starrycosmos I don't really know for Discord, because I never used that things. There is possibly some alternatives with XMPP.
For Google Form, you can replace it with many things. There is an example with Drupal + webform module in Framasoft servides (
For spreadsheets, you can use Ethercalc (exemple here : if you just need relatively basic functionalities. There is also LibreOffice Online, but I didn't test it recently.

@Alda I agree with you but frankly? There’s nothing barely as good as Telegram for instant messaging that’s not centralised or non free software.

@Alda It seems to me, and maybe I'm wrong, that for whatever reason it is nigh impossible to have exceptionally good UX without .gov or .com levels of funding. Like, I know that we have the undergirding tech for the comms we want but they seem to require deep nerdery.

@mathpunk @Alda see I refuse to accept that. We got some excellent design resources and wisdom out here for the free! is an example and has a whole swath of it.

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